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538 23  Licibořice 27

Tel.: 00420 469 679 166
Fax: 00420 469 679 017


        VALENTA MODEL is a family firm whose business is a production of plane models. The firm was established in 1990. Its owner and founder, Mr Vojtěch Valenta, created competition models Dogan for category F3B and Thermik B for category F3J. These models were at that time made by new and unique technology of laminating into negative forms. These two models became very popular and turned into the basic production program of the firm. Both models were a breakthrough in competitive flying in both categories with its use of all-laminated models. At that time, the firm operated on rented and not quite suitable premises.

         Since there were other quite successful models Parabola and Triffik gradually added to Dogan and Thermik B, it was necessary to change the production premises. Therefore a farm in Licibořice was bought and the company moved there in 1995 after a total reconstruction. In 1996 a new competition model for category F3J Thermik C was introduced to the market. This model had a completely new construction technology, it was very successful and thanks to its popularity the company VALENTA MODEL became known not only in Europe, but also in the USA and other countries.

         Therefore, the production program of the firm gradually expanded. Apart from the competition models they also make semi-models of real airplanes and also models for sport and fun. The goal is to create a whole range of models so that every pilot from beginner to an experienced pilot can choose from the offered sortiment. To make the offer even more interesting the firm is opening a new e-shop with selection of gear for building model planes: servos, motors, connectors and other modelmaking accessories.

At present is the firm VALENTA MODEL the biggest producer of wide range of plane models in the Czech republic, be it models according to plan of Vojtěch Valenta or models based on real airplanes.

The goal of the company is to further expand the offered sortiment of models and modelling gear to fully satisfy every customer-modeller.